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Cost of Braces in India

There are various types of braces available in India. Let’s look at what they are and how much do they cost in India.

Invisible Braces

invisible braces

Invisible braces or clear aligners as the name suggests are invisible! They are the most technologically advanced way to straighten your teeth. People will not be able to notice when you’re wearing them. They are removable, so you can take them out at any time to eat food or anything else. And, they are easier to maintain and clean than other types of braces. They work on the same principle as metallic braces, only that the pressure is applied by the aligner specific plastic material that has good retention and durability.

You will be getting a set of aligners and each needs to be worn for 2 weeks before moving to the next one. Each and every aligner is personalised for you by an orthodontist and printed using a 3D printer. They are much more comfortable than braces and the easiest to get used to.

Invisible braces have been the most preferred choice of treatment in the west for over a decade. However, they didn’t see much adoption in India, primarily because they were very expensive, until now!

We at Snazzy have made invisible aligners affordable to everyone! We make the aligners here in India and provide you with superior quality and support. We’ve cut the middleman commission by working directly with you – and are offering them at just Rs. 30,000 for simple cases and Rs. 50,000 for complex ones!

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Traditional Braces

You’ve seen these ones. These metallic braces have been around for centuries and are mostly worn by teenagers. They consist of a metallic bracket surrounding the teeth and a metallic bendable wire that goes through them to apply the desired pressure.

You need to get them fixed by a dentist who has a good knowledge of biomechanics and you need to visit the clinic every month to get them readjusted. They can treat a wide range of orthodontic issues and are best suited if your case is a complex one. The treatment time goes from 6 months to 3 years!

The bad part is that they are going to hamper your lifestyle significantly. They are noticeable, can cause pain and discomfort around your cheek and tongue, they need to be cleaned and taken care of well and they have several dietary restrictions.

In India, depending upon the skills of the dentist and location you’re getting these from their costs can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000. Average would be Rs. 35,000.

Braces have their own place, they are ideal if yours is a severe case of misalignment but the negatives make them far from an ideal treatment if your case is mild to moderate.

Ceramic Braces

ceramic braces

Less visible than their metallic counterpart because the brackets are made out of the ceramic material that is the same colour as the tooth.

They are pretty much like braces for the most part and have the same level of discomfort only that they are more discrete. The further downsides are that they may not be able to handle as much pressure as braces. You’ll need to maintain them well otherwise they’ll get stained. And they are much more expensive than braces. Their cost starts from Rs. 40,000 and can go up to Rs. 1 lac. Average around Rs. 55,000.


Lingual Braces

They are essentially same as traditional braces but are fitted in the inside. So you can imagine that no one can tell that you’re wearing braces from the outside.

However, these are the most uncomfortable type of braces of all and are not suitable for everyone. Because they’re on the inside, it may cause significant irritation and pain to your tongue. They’re also the hardest of all to get used to, you’re going to get a lisp wearing them and learning to speak normally can take a significant amount of efforts. You may also face issues with the jaws unable to close properly. They’re more expensive than both metal and ceramic braces.

Lingual braces require a specialised orthodontist to work with – and it can cost from Rs. 75,000 to Rs 1.5 lac in India. Average being Rs. 1 lac.

Clear aligners are superior to any other braces type and are now also as affordable. There should be nothing stopping you from getting that smile you deserve. Click here to have one of our orthodontists reach out to you.

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