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Invisalign vs Snazzy

Invisalign vs Snazzy: The battle of clear aligners.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. They are the ones who started the whole clear aligners phenomena and have had a good run for a decade. Invisalign is a US company that started in 2000 and had been leading the global race until now. Props to them for bringing the disruption in the orthodontic world. But there’s one major problem with Invisalign – they’re hella expensive. They launched in India four years ago and their aligners here start from Rs. 1.5 lakhs! And that is when you have a minor issue with teeth. The average treatment cost is around 2.5 lakhs and can go as high as up to Rs. 4 lakhs. Crazy right? We know and that’s what gave birth to Snazzy.

We believe getting a great smile doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Both you and your bank account can have a good smile at the same time! At Snazzy we charge only Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 to get you your best smile.

One of the questions we get often from patients is how Snazzy is different from Invisalign – and how’re we so affordable! That’s a great question we say. Let’s answer that in detail.

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We work with you directly!

You see our relationship with you is a special one and we don’t like anyone else to come in between. Right from when you visit our website to when your aligners are delivered to your home and thereafter – you’re directly working with us! No middleman! No unnecessary commissions.

Invisalign works with a dentist and that dentist works with you. And here’s the little secret we’re letting out to you – the dentist only pays about Rs. 50,000 – Rs 1 lakh to Invisalign and the rest of the treatment cost is his/her commission. After all, they’re the ones who are convincing you to spend the money and bringing business for Invisalign. We save up to 70% by not giving up on that commission.

Now don’t get us wrong – even we work with a physical dentist for your initial scans and to make sure you’re a great fit for us. But hey we’re in a special partnership with these dentists where they don’t charge hefty commissions like that, as they didn’t acquire you.

We’re made in India with love and smiles!

Invisalign needs to import the aligners from the US. This leads to a further increase in the price, as the cost of labour is much higher in the US, and the import duty makes it go up by another 20-30%. We avoid all this by manufacturing aligners here in India itself.

We’ve perfected the art of making the best quality aligners. We use high-precision 3D printing machines to print your aligners. And use the best-in-class material to ensure the aligners are comfortable and durable. You can be rest assured there is no compromise on the quality for the saved costs.

We leverage technology to make it more convenient!

There’s an app for everything – but not to get you straighter teeth?! We’re changing that.

With Invisalign, you can’t avoid the physical clinic visits. You’ll need to see your dentist every 6 weeks or so. We understand that you live a busy life and visiting your dentist frequently might not be an option. At Snazzy we have made it easier for you and your remote orthodontist to stay in touch during the journey through our app. Our remote orthodontists will closely monitor your progress and will guide you at every step. They’re there to hear all your problems and experiences.

Thus no more frequent clinic visits. If at all, any special procedure is required, we’ll set you up with a partner clinic nearby. But most people will need to see the physical dentist only once!

This sounds fantastic, but how do I know I’m in good hands?

We follow basically the same procedure as Invisalign and your treatment is planned by expert orthodontists who have years of experience in designing the treatment plans for patients in the US and worldwide.

These orthodontists have also worked with Invisalign before and know all the various complications that could arise with clear aligners. You can rest assured you’re in good hands.

We have taken it on ourselves to get you a great smile and we’ll not back off until you get there. If you have any problems during the treatment, we will reassess your case and get you new aligners at no cost!

Further, unlike other companies, we’re very concerned about your health and safety, and in the initial dentist visit our dentist will take your x-ray and ensure that your teeth are healthy and suitable for clear aligners. We won’t approve your plan unless we’re sure you’re a good fit.

At Snazzy we can’t wait to get you the smile you deserve. Get started now!


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