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Nope, unless someone is looking from a close distance, the aligners are almost invisible. Most people will not notice something has changed about your teeth unless you tell them.

Absolutely! Clear aligners are nothing new and have been a popular treatment choice in western countries for over a decade now. They have proven their mettle and are as effective as braces for mild to moderate cases. However, some complex cases might be well suited for braces.

Your clear aligners are planned by expert orthodontists in the US who have more than a decade of experience with this. The manufacturing will be done in India, making it affordable for you.

No! You only need to visit for the initial checkup and rest of the treatment will be done from your home. Using teledentistry our orthodontists will be by your side always and will guide you through the treatment.

Traditional dentists charge more than 70% of the treatment fee as a commission to acquire customers. We work directly with you and don’t need to pay hefty commissions.  Also, unlike our competitors, we don’t need to import the aligners from outside India. 

We genuinely want to make you smile and will do our best to get there. If you’re not happy with your results, our orthodontists will wok with you to achieve your goals free of cost.

We’re currently in Hyderabad, but will be expanding to PAN India soon.

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